Wedding on a Sunday?! Yes, Please!

This past Sunday I spent my day coordinating a wedding. Typical? Maybe not. But, I very much enjoyed it.

It's rare to go to a wedding at the end of the weeknd, but it has many upsides to it. For example, people tend to drink less at a Sunday wedding (there are some people that still drink like there's no tomorrow). I mean we have all attended (or heard of) at least one wedding where one of the guests has a little too much to drink and is just outta control. Well Sunday weddings help with that, on the basis that people have to work the next day. There is also that matter of money. You can always save a LOT of money by getting discounted prices on an event venue on a less popular day like Sunday.

This wedding took place in The Garden Room. They are a full service venue that offers a discounted rate for a Sunday wedding. Everything that has to do with the venue is taken care of by them. The Staff there was amazing. They have a super friendly coordinator and bartender. They take care of the catering, the linens, silverware, decorations, and if you need a chapel they have that too!

Another reason for Sunday weddings is it's shorter. You maybe wondering "why in the world would I want a short wedding"? Well, let's start with the fact that ladies have to wake up around 5 am to 6 am to start getting ready.From there you have a long schedule ahead of you: make-up, hair, dress, photography, etc. Being on your feet all day and in heels, that is a very long day, a special and exciting day, but very long. Unless, you have a wonderful coordinator (like myself) to help you make sure you enjoy your day. People just don't understand that having a coordinator by your side to facilitate the small tedious details in a major event like your wedding, is a time saver and allows you to better enjoy your special day. 

The bride, Melissa, showing off her beautiful gown and her very special package, a baby bump. She is a trooper! She lasted all day on her wedding day despite being full term and due the following weekend. 

So for this Sunday wedding not only did I coordinate it, but I also had the honor to officiate it, create the bride's bouquet, Maid of honor's bouquet, the mother of the bride and groom's corsages, and some of the decor in the venue. Needless to say I was busy the entire weekend. It helped that the couple decided to contract a venue with wonderful staff that pretty much took care of everything that has to do with the venue. The staff at The Garden Room in Garden Grove, CA were exceptional. They were easy to work with and beautiful banquet room and chapel. 

The Couple's sweetheart table. The "M&J" handcrafted using canvas 3D letters and symbol. "M" and "J" were painted using a mint green chalkboard paint and the "&" was covered with a laced linen paper found at a craft store. 

I have officiated multiple weddings before, but this one was different. How? I was nervous and excited! I am usually calm. But, I have known the bride for over a decade now. I have seen her blossom into the beautiful woman she is now. She is one of the sweetest and most honest person I know. It's not everyday you get to officiate one of your friend's wedding. Plus, I have seen her go through some tribulations in her life. I am just glad that she found her prince charming to sweep her away to their happy ending. So, now you see how special that day was for me and why I would want it to be just perfect .  

I just would like to end this by saying Thank you to the both of you, for letting me play such an important role in your wedding. Meli, I am grateful to you for putting your trust in me to help you on such a special occasion. You deserve a man that can take care of you, love you and treat you like his queen. Nay, you are such a beautiful person. I love the way you look at Meli with such love and passion. What makes you a better husband for her is how you came into her life to be the man she needed, a wonderful father to YOUR children (and your new beautiful baby due next week) and love her the way you do. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart (and a bit of tears in my eyes). May you continue to be blessed with love for many years to come. May your love prosper. Love you both!

Forever Grateful,