When It Rains, It Pours Love

I thought it would be perfect to share this story on the Month-iversary of April and Chris' wedding. April and Chris met at an art class during their high school days. For Chris, it was love at first sight! 

Fast forward to April 9th, 2016, the BIG day. Throughout the planning process and meetings, April's biggest concern was the rain. In California, it has not rained for almost four years. We were on high alert for a shortage of water, a drought. However, 2016 was the year El Nino was scheduled to come and create chaos for California. From January until the month of April, it had only sprinkled and light showers. But for the wedding day, it was a whole other story.

Did I mention my bride hated the rain? Well, she does! All month the forecast pointed towards rain. The worst part? As the week progressed, the weatherman forecasted a storm on the day of the wedding. As a planner, we had prepared for rain by ordering tents. The tents were already part of the plan due to California's unexpected winds and sometimes our exaggerated heat. 

Well, El Nino decided to pay us a visit and shower us with its presence, literally. The rain poured and the winds howled. The funniest part, I spent an hour fixing my hair and I ended up with a frizzy bun. My hair was all over the place. I honestly gave up on my look after getting showered by nature. I had to remind myself "this wedding is about April and Chris, it's not about you! Compose yourself and get back to work!"

During setup, my crew and I, worked as fast as we could to create the look my bride had envisioned. Even with the storm blowing us away and the rain pouring over us, we got the job done! I am so proud of my team. They worked hard under a rain storm without complaining and with such dedication. I love the people I choose to work with! We go above and beyond to please our couples and to make sure they are super happy during their special day. 

I am a sucker at weddings. No matter how many weddings I witness, I always end up crying. My two favorite moments that really just had me crying in some hidden corner were when Chris had a moment in the altar trying to say his vowels and when his brother couldn't finish his Best-man speech during the reception. 

We were there for whatever our couple needed and made sure they ate and had fun. You only do this once in your lifetime, so our job is to make sure it's one of the best days of your life! 

April and Chris, if you are reading this, I love you guys and only wish you all the blessings in the world. Stay cool and keep loving each other the way you do now. Muah!

Please enjoy some of the Highlights of the day. A special thanks to the awesome Dennis of Dennis G Productions