A Trip to Remember

It seems like it was just yesterday that I met Chris. In reality it was over 13 years ago. We just celebrated our 13th year anniversary! What's the secret? Patience, time, space and definitely overall communication. 

Yes, he is my high school sweetheart. We now have two boys together and never took time off to be together, just the two of us. I got pregnant at 15 and had our first baby at 16. At 21 I was pregnant with our second son and thirteen years later we never traveled.

Traveling was on the the top of my bucket list along with getting married, having kids, working towards a dream job among other stuff. So finally hit a wall in my life that I couldn't seem to get over. I had my beautiful family, but I never got to do something super extremely fun. Our children were always a priority. Never once did we regret that. It was just that our eldest was already 11 and Chris and I never did anything truly fun. Yeah, we did the Vegas thing, but we were not big party people and I am definitely not a huge drinker. Vegas was just not my scene. I have traveled without Chris, but it's not the same as traveling with a buddy and the person you love. 

Well, I finally said "Enough! We are travelling and I am not taking no for an answer." I am happy I did. I bought our plane tickets to Cancun in February (because I said if I buy them early I can plan for it and there will be no turning back). 

Best Decision EVER! I saw a completely different person in Chris. He was so relaxed and let me control every move we made (best part of the trip). I have family all over the Mayan Riviera so we saved tons of moolah. When we did stay in hotels we ended up paying at most $60 a night. A block away from the strips you can find cheap and clean hotels with free WiFi. They weren't resort quality hotels, but then again we were never there long enough to care. We were constantly at the beaches, bars, and touring the lands. 

I am super glad that I got to share this experience with him. I can truly say after 13 years, I love him more today than I did yesterday. Now, I am excited that I am sharing a piece of it with you! Enjoy.