Flower Workshop, Success!

Hello my Beautiful Friend!

Let me start by saying, never in a million years did I see myself teaching anything! I did just THAT! I taught a floral workshop in Glendale, Ca. DIY LA Bride's boutique shoppe owner, Sabrina Fay, was gracious enough to host us. 

Sabrina is the sweetest person ever. She also owns Vintage Fayvorites, which is a vintage rental company in Los Angeles, CA. The need for more space and a more professional environment to meet clients created the need for renting a retail space. It is a cute little boutique shoppe filled with everything a DIYer needs for her bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, or any social event that wants to add a splash of vintage. As soon as you walk in you feel the need to pull your phone out and snap pictures for your Instagram. this shoppe is the cutest and worthy of all the Instagram attention. 

DIY LA Bride started with the idea of helping DIY brides find the resources necessary to successfully plan and create their own perfect wedding without spending crazy amounts of money. We all know the average wedding starts at about $30,000. Not everyone can afford to spend that kind of money on their wedding. However, everyone can take a little bit of time to learn to make their own wedding.  From this philosophy, was born the idea to offer a floral class at an affordable rate. Come on, who doesn't love to learn something new and not have to sacrifice their savings account? 

We started the day with champagne, mimosas, wraps and delicious snacks. After snacking away and indulging in some blood orange mimosas, we followed by introducing ourselves and dived right into demonstrating the basic construction of a bridal bouquet. After some questions, we started working on making boutonnieres. It was so much fun to see everyone's personality reflect in their work. Everyone used the same products, but not one single boutonniere looked alike. 

Once we were done creating the bouts we moved on to putting them together. I showed the attendees different techniques on how to make a floral crown. Everyone makes them different. The secret is to make it as easy and as beautiful as you want. There truly is no wrong or right way to make a floral crown. As long as you use quality and durable flowers, your crown will look amazing. 

The end results... well let's just say it was amazing! Everyone's individuality and personalities stood out and was creatively represent in their final product. It was such a wonderful experience and I cant wait to do it again!