A Proper Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to our Blog where you will learn about Pure Serendipity Events as a company and learn about the people behind the scenes!

We are so happy that you stopped by the our blog to visit. My goal is to try to make people smile by sharing our passion for all things that relate to the events we cater or attend. I like to post about events that my wonderful friends, featured guests, and I all work so hard on. Like I always say " love is in the details" . 

You will also be able to enjoy some of our personal adventures and journey through this path we call life. I would love for you to get to know us on a personal level. We enjoy meeting new people and attending networking events in the wedding industry. So, hopefully you will stick around to see PSE flourish and blossom.

November 2014, The biggest wedding I ever had the pleasure of Planning/Coordinating.

I am also a mother of two school age boys, so you will probably read about our adventures with our family and how we get through our days running this event planning and floral design company full time! I know it sounds a bit crazy, but we have learned it is not impossible.

My baby on the left, Alex (5), me, Yoconda (center) and my nephew, Daniel (3)

Oh! Did I mention my family and I practically live at Disneyland Resort? Well we do! We have annual passes and we go every chance we get. I guess living in California has its perk (besides the amazing weather). We, (my husband and I) try to spend and enjoy our time with our boys as much as possible. They grow up SO fast and we don't want to miss any moment of it.

Well I think that is enough of that. Again, THANK YOU for taking the time out of your busy life to learn a little more about us. We will keep in the loop as much as possible. 

Thank you and stay tuned for more interesting posts!



Wedding on a Sunday?! Yes, Please!

This past Sunday I spent my day coordinating a wedding. Typical? Maybe not. But, I very much enjoyed it.

It's rare to go to a wedding at the end of the weeknd, but it has many upsides to it. For example, people tend to drink less at a Sunday wedding (there are some people that still drink like there's no tomorrow). I mean we have all attended (or heard of) at least one wedding where one of the guests has a little too much to drink and is just outta control. Well Sunday weddings help with that, on the basis that people have to work the next day. There is also that matter of money. You can always save a LOT of money by getting discounted prices on an event venue on a less popular day like Sunday.

This wedding took place in The Garden Room. They are a full service venue that offers a discounted rate for a Sunday wedding. Everything that has to do with the venue is taken care of by them. The Staff there was amazing. They have a super friendly coordinator and bartender. They take care of the catering, the linens, silverware, decorations, and if you need a chapel they have that too!

Another reason for Sunday weddings is it's shorter. You maybe wondering "why in the world would I want a short wedding"? Well, let's start with the fact that ladies have to wake up around 5 am to 6 am to start getting ready.From there you have a long schedule ahead of you: make-up, hair, dress, photography, etc. Being on your feet all day and in heels, that is a very long day, a special and exciting day, but very long. Unless, you have a wonderful coordinator (like myself) to help you make sure you enjoy your day. People just don't understand that having a coordinator by your side to facilitate the small tedious details in a major event like your wedding, is a time saver and allows you to better enjoy your special day. 

The bride, Melissa, showing off her beautiful gown and her very special package, a baby bump. She is a trooper! She lasted all day on her wedding day despite being full term and due the following weekend. 

So for this Sunday wedding not only did I coordinate it, but I also had the honor to officiate it, create the bride's bouquet, Maid of honor's bouquet, the mother of the bride and groom's corsages, and some of the decor in the venue. Needless to say I was busy the entire weekend. It helped that the couple decided to contract a venue with wonderful staff that pretty much took care of everything that has to do with the venue. The staff at The Garden Room in Garden Grove, CA were exceptional. They were easy to work with and beautiful banquet room and chapel. 

The Couple's sweetheart table. The "M&J" handcrafted using canvas 3D letters and symbol. "M" and "J" were painted using a mint green chalkboard paint and the "&" was covered with a laced linen paper found at a craft store. 

I have officiated multiple weddings before, but this one was different. How? I was nervous and excited! I am usually calm. But, I have known the bride for over a decade now. I have seen her blossom into the beautiful woman she is now. She is one of the sweetest and most honest person I know. It's not everyday you get to officiate one of your friend's wedding. Plus, I have seen her go through some tribulations in her life. I am just glad that she found her prince charming to sweep her away to their happy ending. So, now you see how special that day was for me and why I would want it to be just perfect .  

I just would like to end this by saying Thank you to the both of you, for letting me play such an important role in your wedding. Meli, I am grateful to you for putting your trust in me to help you on such a special occasion. You deserve a man that can take care of you, love you and treat you like his queen. Nay, you are such a beautiful person. I love the way you look at Meli with such love and passion. What makes you a better husband for her is how you came into her life to be the man she needed, a wonderful father to YOUR children (and your new beautiful baby due next week) and love her the way you do. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart (and a bit of tears in my eyes). May you continue to be blessed with love for many years to come. May your love prosper. Love you both!

Forever Grateful,


Apps That Make MY Life A Bit Easier

Hi Y'all,

Let me just start by saying "whew"! These past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic for me. Trying to manage my home and managing more clients have been a little more than I am used to. Oh I am not complaining! It's a blessing to see my small home based business blossom the way it is. Im just saying I wish I could have a personal assistant, that's all. Well, since I am not quite there yet, I am happy with a few virtual assistants I have found to be very useful.

Let's start with Hootsuite. Well, Hootsuite is my social media assistant. I can create a post from the app, add a caption and post right away or schedule the post for a later time and date. With all type of events always going on, updating my followers is the best marketing solution available. The free version only allows 3 social media accounts, but honestly there is only 3 major ones that I use (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). If you have more accounts you can always upgrade. It makes it so easy for me to just create a post right then and there for a later time instead of spending two hours trying to create something catchy and post it  to all my different accounts . For me and most others, time is money and I don't like wasting either one. 

Second favorite is Evernote. With all the things in my life (seems to be happening all at once), I sometimes get random great ideas. I always have to write it down on anything I can find and it can get annoying looking for it later.  Well, evernote lets me use my nearest device (phone, tablet, laptop, even my desktop) to jot down my notes, thoughts, ideas, and pictures I come across and syncs within the app. So, when I open the app on my desktop or tablet it's there. That is especially useful for editing purposes. It's a "complete workspace" all in the palm of your hand.  It's so handy, especially since I am always on the go! 

This last app I literally use every time I go out, I am addicted! My friend introduced it to me and I have not stopped using it since. It's the Waze App! Most of you have already heard of it. For those of you have not, it is a social navigation application. You must be thinking "what the heck does that mean? " Well it's a GPS that lets you socialize with other "wazers", gain points for helping and reporting changes on the road. Just check it out, I know you will love it. Ooh! I forgot to mention that it also finds the fastest route to your destination. I have used google maps and I didn't like it much.  As an event planner I have to meet people in different places, sometimes in unfamiliar territories. So this app has really saved me a lot of time. I hope it helps you find your "Waze".

I hope you have found some, if not all, a bit useful. If you know of any other apps that have simplified your daily life let me know by commenting below. I may even try it out and bring it on the next blog. 

With much appreciation,



Yay the website is finally up! Thank you for stopping by and taking a look. We gave it a new and smoother style. We decided for a more modern and clean look. I am so excited to start blogging and communicating with all you wonderful readers. This is all new territory for me and it's soooo much fun. 

We are new to blogging so we decided to try and keep you, our lovely visitors, updated as often as possible. We will be posting not only our work but also showcase the work of other vendors whom we have partnered up with. Small business owners helping each other sort of thing. We welcome suggestions,  even share your stories and pictures with us.

Once again thank you for your support and love.